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19 Jul


How to Tell if Your Car Needs a new Cabin Air Filter Without Removing it

July 19, 2018 | By |

Some cabin air filters are really easy to access and can be changed in less than 5 minutes with few, or no tools at all. Others take a little more effort – sometimes requiring tools and 30 minutes of your time to completely remove the glove compartment in order to access the cabin air filter housing. If you aren’t sure if you actually need a new cabin air filter and happen to drive a vehicle that doesn’t allow easy access… No problem! BBO Auto has a solution that will allow you to determine how your current filter is performing without having to take your dash apart. That solution is a handy little device called an anemometer and it can be purchased in stores or online for about 20 bucks.

anemometer for cabin air filter replacement

An anemometer is a tool commonly used in the heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) industry to measure airflow. This technology is typically used for measuring air flow for commercial and residential building applications, however, as you’ve probably already guessed, it can be used to effectively measure air flow through a vehicle’s dash vents. This information can then be used to determine whether or not a cabin air filter needs replacing – without the hassle of physically removing the filter from the vehicle.

To use an anemometer for this purpose, you’ll want to start by turning your vehicle’s ventilation system to the highest fan setting. Next, you can measure the airspeed by holding the device up to the dashboard vents. Any reading below 9MPH indicates that air flow through the HVAC system is obstructed and not performing at full capacity. This is a strong indication that the cabin air filter is in fact clogged and further inspection is recommended. At this point, you should feel confident that you won’t be wasting your time to access and change the filter.

If you’re considering a new cabin air filter, click here to see what BBO has to offer for your vehicle.

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